Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS For Admission to the Shelters of New Hope Community Services

1. How does a person get to be admitted to the shelter?

We do not take walk-in case. All cases have to be referred. The rationale is that a person coming to us would have comprehensive needs. NHCS would not be able to meet all needs but with the help of the referral agencies we could help the client better.

2. How long is the stay?
Family’s shelter: 3 months - Men’s shelter: 6 months.
When the resident is admitted, NHCS would work with clients on their care and discharge plans which include long-term accommodation.

3. What are the criteria? Profile? Qualification? Singaporean, PR or foreigner?

Criteria for Admission to Shelter for Displaced Families
The applicant is:

  1. a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  2. rendered homeless with financial difficulty and in crisis;
  3. has explored other options with family and friends but to no avail;
  4. free from infectious disease;
  5. not suffering from serious psychiatric disorders and/or serious behavioural problems that require close individual supervision or nursing care; and
  6. and family are motivated to be self-reliant and improve their situation and sign a social contract to indicate that they are committed to this.
  7. not eligible if he/she is allocated a room in the Interim Rental Housing Scheme.

Criteria for Admission to Shelter for Men-in-Crisis
The applicant is:

  1. a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident;
  2. below 55 years old. (If above 55 years old, review case-by-case basis);
  3. medically fit; does not need medical supervision;
  4. not abusing drugs/ alcohol currently;
  5. currently employed/ seeking employment opportunities; and
  6. seeking long-term housing/ independent living.

Besides these main criteria, Referrals have to be assessed as suitable in our internal intake assessment exercise. For the Shelter for Displaced Families, priority would be given to intact family and for the Shelter for Men-in-Crisis, the priority would be given to ex-offenders.

4. How soon after a referral is received would a client be admitted to the Shelters?
 We cannot say how soon after a referral a client may be admitted to the shelters. Because we are a shelter and residents are constantly being admitted and discharged, the duration from referral to admission will vary

5. Payment? Waiver/Subsidy? Utilities? Is it a condition?
All shelters in Singapore do charge a fee. New Hope Community Services is no exception. This is to teach resident to be responsible and self-reliant. This is a way to help them to re-integrate back to the society. Waiver or subsidy is an exception rather than a rule. Payment is a condition for their continued stay in the shelters.

6. Terms & Conditions?
 We have our own terms and conditions. It would be difficult to discuss them over the phone. The Terms & Conditions would be discussed at length at the Intake Assessment and all referrals have to give their commitment in writing to the Terms & Conditions before admission to the shelters.

7. Extension of stay? Why a particular person can stay for 12 months and I can stay only for 3 months?
 Every case is different as their needs, circumstances for being referred and the solutions available are all unique to the individual case. As such, extensions can be done only on a case-by-case’ and a ‘month-by-month’ basis. All extensions are granted at the sole discretion of the Intake & Discharge Committee and are final and non-negotiable.

8. I am a single mother, do I qualify?
The referring agency may send in a referral. We have admitted single parents as an exception.

9. Is food ration provided?
We have food ration provided by various donors and when we have them, we distribute them to our residents.

10. Can I bring my personal effects e.g. a computer into the shelter?
No bulky item (cupboard, tables, etc) can be brought to the shelters. You can bring in personal computers to the Shelter for Displaced Families, but a fee will be charged. The fee will be discussed at the Intake Assessment. The Shelter for Men-in-Crisis will strictly not allow personal computers to be brought into the shelters.

11. What are the items provided at the shelter?

New Hope Community Services provide the basic necessities for daily living. The actual items provided will be discussed at length at the Intake Assessment.

12. Do we provide financial assistance? Job placement? Alternative accommodation?
We help in the tie-up with other various social service agencies for financial assistance, job placement or alternative accommodation. Our main focus is in assisting the client to explore and plan for long-term/permanent housing solutions. Employers sometimes refer jobs for our residents; as and when we have such information and/or requests, we make them known to our residents.

13. What if I don’t move out from the shelter?
We will enforce our discharge with the assistance of various authorities (including police), if necessary. Discharged residents may re-apply but would be given low priority.

14. What if residents have conflicts?
Residents should try to solve their own conflicts. Mediation should only be a last resort when problems or conflicts cannot be solved amicably between the parties involved.

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